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Always unconventional - guaranteed to be as phenomenal as you are!

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Which will you choose.....?

Are you a Velvet Raven bride - a rebellious lover of colour and everything 'unwedding'


Or if you are looking for something with a little less attitude - then the Ryley & Flynn Collection is for you!



About us....
All of our wedding dresses are proudly designed and handcrafted in Staffordshire



Alternative wedding dress

Your wedding dress - Your way!

At R&F we create wedding dresses guaranteed to be as unique as you are. From alternative styles to traditional bridal gowns and everything in between - perfect for the unconventional bride!

Ryley & Flynn make each and every wedding dress from scratch using patterns made uniquely from your measurements.
You can choose a wedding dress design from our collection as a starting point, or together we can design the dress of your dreams.

Located in Tamworth, Staffordshire, we've been making wedding dresses for brides all around the world since 2012!

Black corset wedding dress
Vega Stars Wedding Dress
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  • elopement_wedding_dress
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  • Black_corset_moon_wedding_dress
  • Black_white_wedding_dress
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  • Black_tulle_alternative_wedding_dress
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Luxury, bespoke, handmade wedding dresses - made with love in Staffordshire