Having a bespoke custom wedding dress made for you is not something that happens every day. Some brides to be may have a good idea of what happens when you start on the bespoke journey - most will not - the thought of not knowing what your dress will look like can be a very scary thought for a bride, so here are some questions that frequently get asked to give you a little bit more information!....

I have a range of  "Made to Order" dresses which are available to order as they are or can be used as a base design to make changes to - these prices start from around £1800.

Bespoke dresses are quoted on the individual design - as a general guide prices range from £2500+
- if you have a specific budget please do get in touch!

Prices include all consultations and fittings, with no hidden charges for alterations!

It can be hard to imagine what your dress is going to look like until you can try it on, this is why after the design meeting a mock up dress (called a 'toile') is made for you out of cotton fabric. At this stage together we check the design is as you imagined it to be and you can see (with a little imagination!) how you dress is going to take shape.

The bonus of having your dress made from scratch means that throughtout the fitting process small changes can be made - and I encourage you to be honest if you would prefer something looked different or it's not as you imagined!

For example when you try on the toile you may prefer the neckline to be higher or lower, or capped sleeves instead of long sleeves.

Small changes are easily made but more complicated design alterations may need extra fittings and could also incur extra costs - I will always let you know before anything is changed if this is the case!

Usually the process takes 6-12 months, all depending on your time frame. However I can accommodate rush orders or if you are planning well in advance for your future wedding date.

Ideally you should get in touch at least 12 months before your wedding to check your date is available.

Usually I like to book around 3-5 fittings although sometimes more are needed - these are booked at convenient times for you. At each visit you will see your dress develop from the initial toile fitting into the dress of your dreams!

If you are planning on loosing a lot of weight I would encourage you to wait until you are nearer your target weight before I start your fittings.

Small changes in weight are catered for during your fittings to ensure your dress will be a perfect fit on your big day.

YES! Before we meet for the first time start gathering your design inspiration in the form of Pinterest boards, mood boards, magazine cuttings etc - it is super helpful for me to know what you like/dislike and sometimes "a picture speaks a thousand words"!

If you would like to try on sample dresses I recommend wearing neautral coloured underwear and maybe bring some shoes with a similar sizes heel to those you plan on wearing for your big day.
If you have long hair a hair tie is always useful too as many brides wear their hair up on their wedding day.

Think about the style of underwear you plan on wearing under your wedding dress and try to bring something similar - different styles of undies can dramatically alter your body shape - think Aunt Mildreds baggy bra vs a super wonderful push 'em together bra!
We love bodyshaping underwear as these give a really smooth foundation for your dress - you can slip into your pretty lace knickers once you've had your photos taken - we wouldn't want a Bridget Jones moment!

Also shoes of a similar heel height will be needed for fittings if you are having a floor length hem on your dress.

I recommend bringing one or two people whose opnions you trust. Too many people with too many thoughts are often off putting and confusing. The focus should be on you and what YOU love.

Also if possible try not to bring small children as you will want to foucus on the pretty dresses - little ones can be a huge distraction!

Each dress is made from start to finish at Ryley & Flynn's studio in Tamworth. This is also where all your consultations and fittings will take place!

If you have a question not answered here please get in touch - that's what we're here for!