How To Measure

When choosing a handmade dress from Ryley & Flynn your dress will be custom made to your measurements. Fittings will be included in the price if you live locally to Tamworth, Staffordshire. We strongly recommend that you have your dress fitted by your local seamstress prior to your wedding so any adjustments can be made.

How To Measure

Before you start to take the measurements, we suggest you wear the same undergarments which you will be wearing on the wedding day when you measure, this is really important as a different bra or bodyshaping garment can dramatically alter your measurements and result in a poorly fitting dress.

Ask a friend to help you or visit your local seamstress to get the measurements taken professionally if you are unsure.

When taking the following measurements use a cloth tape measure and always keep the tape parallel to the floor, keep the tape snug but not tight and don't allow it to sag at the back. It may also help to tie a piece of ribbon or string firmly around your natural waistline as a guide for the other measurements you take:

Overbust - around your chest above your bust - with the tape measure going under each armpit and all the way around your back

Bust - the fullest part of your bust – taken whilst wearing whatever type of bra you would normally wear under the dress, keep your arms relaxed and down by your sides

Underbust - around the ribcage just under the bust

Natural waist - it is important that this measurement is taken at the smallest part of your waist which is normally a few inches above your belly button, remember to keep the tape as horizontal as possible

Underbust to Natural Waist - this is to determine the width of the waistband on the dress – the standard width is 11cm/4 inches but the waistband may need to be a little narrower if you are petite or high waisted or a little wider if you are taller or have a long torso

Back length - from the nape of your neck – the knobbly bit – to wherever it was you took your natural waist measurement

Shoulder width - this should be taken straight across the back of the shoulders – from the point of one shoulder to the point of the other - without curving the tape measure around the sides of the arms. To find the shoulder point lift your arm at a right angle to the side of your body and look for the dent at the top where the arm and the shoulder come together.

Upper arm circumference - the fullest part of the upper arm

Bra Size - including cup size


Any extra information you can give us regarding your shape and any issues you commonly encounter in the fit of your clothes will help us ensure a good fit.  If any of your measurements appear out of the ordinary we may ask you to re-measure just to double check!


Dresses will be made to the measurements that you supply (unless we have measured you!) No responsibility will be taken for incorrect measurements supplied - if you are unsure please ask for help or visit your local seamstress to get your measurements taken.