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ALternative wedding dress, tattoed bride

Kick Tradition to the Curb: Custom Alternative Wedding Dresses and Edgy Shoes for Your Big Day!

 Are you ready to unleash your inner rebel and ditch the conventional norms? You've got your custom alternative wedding dress sorted, so let's talk about the perfect badass shoes to strut down the aisle and own that wedding day like the rockstar you are! We'll explore some edgy shoe styles that will make you feel like a true queen while keeping it casual yet fabulous. Just be sure to watch out for some potential pitfalls, 'cause we're all about being stylish and practical, too.

Chunky Heels:
Kick convention to the curb with a bold pair of chunky heels! These bad boys give you extra stability, making it easier to slay the dance floor without sacrificing height.
Pros: Comfy, supportive, and a touch of retro charm.
Cons: Mind those dainty tulle hems - chunky heels and delicate fabrics can be a tangled mess! Keep an eye on the venue terrain, too, to avoid any accidental stumbles.

For the bride who values comfort above all else, rocking a pair of trainers, Vans, or Converse on your wedding day is the ultimate power move!
Pros: Happy feet all day long, plus you can show off your unique style with custom designs or funky colors.
Cons: While they're great on flat terrain, watch out for outdoor venues with uneven surfaces. And if you're going for a more formal look, it's crucial to ensure that your footwear matches the vibe of your custom alternative wedding dress.

Dr. Martens:
Who said wedding shoes need to be all frills and no attitude? Dr. Martens bring the perfect blend of grunge and elegance to your big day!
Pros: Unmatched durability, edgy aesthetics, and the confidence to stomp your way into marital bliss.
Cons:  DM's with velco fastenings or buckles can catch on delicate tulle hems, so be cautious when moving around. Additionally, break them in well before your wedding day to avoid any blisters stealing the spotlight.

High Heels:
Okay, let's not forget the classic high heels - they're timeless for a reason!
Pros: Instantly elevate your style and posture, giving you that goddess-like aura.
Cons: High heels may not be the most comfortable option for an all-day affair, especially if you're not used to wearing them. Bring a backup pair or consider switching to a comfier style for the reception.

Combat Boots:
For the brides who are all about that rebel vibe, combat boots are a definite contender!
Pros: Comfortable, effortlessly cool, and perfect for outdoor or rustic weddings.
Cons: Similar to Dr. Martens, watch out for any potential tulle-hem mishaps. Consider pairing them with lacy or boho-style custom alternative wedding dresses for an inspired look!

Want the height without the wobbles? Wedges have got your back!
Pros: Stable and stylish, they're a great compromise between comfort and elegance.
Cons: While they're more forgiving on grassy or uneven terrain, be cautious around tulle or long gowns, as they can get caught and cause tripping hazards.

Now, let's talk about the real star of the show: your custom alternative wedding dress! Your bold shoe choice should complement your gown's unique style and add a personal touch to your overall look. Whether you're going for a gothic, bohemian, steampunk, or punk-inspired dress, make sure your footwear aligns with your vision.

Remember, it's your day, your rules! Be confident, be daring, and embrace your individuality from head to toe. But also, be mindful of practicality to ensure you can comfortably strut, dance, and celebrate with all your might. And most importantly, break those stereotypes, because your love story is anything but ordinary!

So, my fabulous alternative brides-to-be, put your best foot forward and seize the day with a killer combo of custom alternative wedding dresses and edgy shoes that scream, "I am ME, and I am fabulous!" Happy wedding planning and may your big day be filled with love, laughter, and epic style! 🖤



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